About US

Its owner Lie A Min who is a 2nd generation into prominent sophisticated furniture established PT Funisia Perkasa in 1993. Starting out in a local market, PT Funisia Perkasa grew into one of the leading furniture exporter to various countries. PT Funisia Perkasa focuses on solid wood and mdf furniture.


Producing excellent finish quality furniture to fulfill local and international furniture market by being the leader of the designs and continue to promote Indonesia’s timber manufactured furniture. Our mission is to provide services from one of the leading furniture manufacturer in Jakarta to your home simply because furniture is our nature. Whether it is your kitchen, bedroom, living room, we can provide boutique or mass product.


Our facilities provided with close to 200 workers and 10 office staffs to incorporate good harmony of management and labor. We aim to facilitate all the workers with equal workload and looking forward to grow in the near future. Our facility size is about 2 hectare with the capacity of 20 x 40” containers per month. We collaborate with 3 outsourcing factory to supplies components. Other manufacturers and crafters to create a one stop solution for your needs wholesale and retail. Our outsourcing factory as follows:

a. Bench factory

b. Veneer factory - APP Timber

c. Steel factory & Powder Coating - Mega Baja


Some of our major partners and long-term customers are:

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